MedSurg Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide by Tracey Hopkins RN BSN

MedSurg Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide

Book Title: MedSurg Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide

Publisher: F.A. Davis Company

ISBN: 0803657625

Author: Tracey Hopkins RN BSN

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Tracey Hopkins RN BSN with MedSurg Notes: Nurse's Clinical Pocket Guide

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From setting up an oxygen delivery system in a hospital room to administering stat meds, this handy, pocket-sized resource helps you to deliver high-quality care.

You’ll have on-the-spot guidance you need to care for patients with complex medical-surgical conditions—from focused assessments, immediate interventions to follow-up care for patients who develop complications—all presented from the nurse’s point of view.

The 4th Edition has been completely revised, updated, and expanded to deliver all of the current information you need with an expanded focus on the safety, quality, and outcomes data that are integral to delivering the very best patient care.


What students and clinicians are saying:

This little pocket flip book is invaluable if you are a nursing student or new nurse, wealth of information very condensed and to the point.

– Robert S.,

I carried this around on my clinicals and it was great! It has nice rundowns of every major body system/problem that you might encounter on a med/surg floor.

– Lisa R.,

Very nice little reference book. Very helpful. Absolutely recommended. It's really good the type of paper that you can write on it and also easy to clean. Can be taken to the clinical site with no problems.

- Leonardo Ruiz,

Perfect for a new nurse who needs a quick, concise refresher on information. Fits in my pocket nicely, and has come in handy more than once!

– Chandra N. Berger,

A must have for any nurse or nursing student! Everything you could need in one place!

– Jecca Leigh,